If you thought choosing a men sports watch is hard, you haven’t thought hard enough about choosing a sports watch for women. Women and accessories are all based on one theme-variety! All women want variety. This fact is applicable in the world of watches as well. Any woman would want to own a watch which she can show off to the world and make a fashion statement. Choosing a sports watch for a woman depends on the activity and the place where the watch is to be worn.


  • Athletic
    Women athletic watches are high defined edge over many other watches in the market because of its high performance features. The product is enabled with an activity tracker that keeps a note of the activities of the user as well as the details of the activity like the number of steps taken and the amount of calories burnt by simply reading the tracker through its digital analogue display. The tracker helps you keep your fitness with the essential details and comes with a countdown timer that can help you keep note of exercise time. The hardy nature of the watch protects it against any mechanical injury during the practice of the exercises.
  • Calorie Tracker
    Women calorie counter watch has a high performance counter ability that makes it sufficient to track down number of calories burnt, including the distance covered and the duration of the workout. They are lightweight and available in different colors. It has a water resistance of up to hundred feet. Some are known to contain a one-touch technology that enables the watch to be operated by just acting through one touch. This could read your heart rate, and enable calorie calculation counter by just one touch. It is available in a resin case to protect it from mechanical injury. It is also resistant from sun, sweat.
  • Casually Stylish
    Women casually stylish watches are generally made of a glass dial window. The case of the watches could be found in cases made of alloy. The material of the dial is made of steel type. It is resistant to water for up to 1 meter. It has an analogue digital type. The strap material is made up of fabric and the watch dial material is made of stainless steel. It comes with the regular alarm features. It consists of a fold over clasp. It also consists of the auto date feature that enables auto update of time and date without having to be fixed manually.
  • Cycle
    Women cycle watches are generally found in very feminine colors like maroon with multiple functions enabled features and a comfort resin strap made wide enough to add both comfort and style. It is enabled with quartz movement and also has the feature of digital display for easy viewing of the buyer. The dial window is made of the material acrylic that helps in protecting it against any kind of mechanical injury or damage. The acrylic covering is meant to provide protection. It contains an indigo nightlight that could be useful to locate things in the dark. Besides these, the other general features like the alarms and countdown timer present.
  • Golf
    Women golfer watches come in relatively smaller sizes than the men golfer watch. It has a water resistance dial and is placed in a resin case that prevents it from any kind of mechanical injury. It has a long battery life that makes it good for an active lifestyle. The watch has enabled sensors that calculate the amount of calorie burnt by calculating the heart rate through the strap worn on the wrist. Most of these watch contain information on 30,000 different maps for directional information. It comes with a free USB cable. The intelligent automation feature on the watch enables the auto course recognition and comes with an auto distance and auto hole update feature.
  • Fish and Hunt
    Women fish and hunt watches are those that can be used during such outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. The watch is enabled with unbelievably amazing features like water resistivity that comes so handy during the fishing practice. The scratch free dial glass is useful and has a high performance during the process of hunting. The watches are built with a tight grip and add a high end comfort that sets it apart from other watches. The watch comes with a large dial and has tracker capabilities that help it keep different information like maps and other essential details required for outdoor activities, stored in the memory of the product.
  • Hike
    Women hike watches come with protection against sun and impact. These are provided in compact cases. The case is made up of stainless steel, and the lens is made of plastic. The strap is also composed of plastic. It has a simple watch style that makes it easier to read and understand and is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking. It contains resistance against water that makes it perfect for any outdoor activity. The watch comes with an easy display that also has a calorie tracker for calculation of distance covered and calories burnt. It can be used to receive notifications like calls and messages by connecting to the smart phone.
  • Run
    Women run watches are generally enabled with quartz movement and a digital analogue display for clear viewing. It is made of the band material, stainless steel. Some could also be made of Polyurethene or leather. These come with an activity tracker for the correct measurement of steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt. These run watches serve the purpose of exercising and help the user to keep fit. It contains an activity tracker that will calculate and keep a measurement in record for any kind of activity that you perform after putting it on. It comes with build in alarms that can help the user be in time and keep fit.
  • Sail
    Women sail watches come with a chronographic dial for measurement of distance and other factors during the activity. It comes with a countdown timer to keep a record of the time of the activity. The dial could come in either a stainless steel or sapphire crystal. It consists of a water resistance up to fifty meters. It has a Swiss type movement that makes one of its special features. You can also order interchangeable strap bands along with this watch to give it a fresh look after a point of time of usage. The sail watch is very hardy and prevents any damage during the course of the activity.
  • Ski
    Women ski watches contain the design of the past and the future and are built in a fashion especially to take a dive. It comes in a stainless steel case for protection against mechanical injury and contains a metal crystal screw crown to give it a good look. It is accessed with the custom hands made of bras and are enabled with a clasp that can be doubly locked. It has a good battery backup, with an added battery life. The battery has a lithium composition. The watch also contains a unidirectional rotating bezel. It has a quartz chronograph.
  • Swim
    Women swim watches are enabled with the usual features like alarm and countdown timer. It contains lens made of hard crystal mineral. It is resistance against scratches by its crystal lens and is protected against any mechanical shocks. It comes in a resin case that has high durability and contains hi tech digital display. The strap comes with a buckle and is again made of resin and has high durability. It has good water resistance and quartz movement. These come with a calculator function for enabling the calculation of laps taken and distance covered and finally the amount of burnt calories.
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