Women Athletic Watches Guide

Women are as competitive as men these days and they are as fond of athletics and outdoor sports as men if not more. So it goes without saying how fond they might be of athletic watches. Women athletic watches are on the rise to this day and all well known sports watch brands have special watches designed just for women.

Women like to keep fit and enjoy going jogging, swimming or simply working out at the gym and all this which keep a track of time in a durable watch which is not just resistant and works well but is also stylish.

What to look for in an athletic watch for women?

It is essential that you know what exactly you want or you are looking forward in an athletic watch for women. Some important features to look for:

1.)  Durability: the durability of the watch is a key feature for a sports watch. Without it a sports watch is not a sports watch.

2.)Water and sweat resistant: Athletic watches need to be water resistant as the hands sweat a lot during workout and so to last long it should not be affected by the sweat.

3.) Efficient as well as stylish: Women look forward to something sleek and stylish even when it comes to their athletic watches. So the women's athletic watch should not just be an athletic watch, it should be a STYLISH athletic watch.

4.) Digital or Analogue: the dial of such a watch should be considerably big and easy to view. The watch should be either digital or analog according to convenience.

5.) Lap counter and calorie counter: these are some special features that extras for a women’s athletic watch to come in handy in case you want to keep a track of the calories you burnt after a session of work out of the number of laps to jogged, etc.

Athletic Watch Brands

There are not so many women’s athletic watch Brands. Some of them are:

Timex: It is one of the top women’s athletic watch brands and they have a wide range of colorful and stylish watches for athletic women. They have a number of special features as well.

Soleus: Of later even Soleus is not too far behind in terms of women’s athletic watches. They have a number of stylish and sophisticated watches for women.

TomTom: It is is a well known sports brand and now they are bringing out classy watches for women as well and with extra features too such as lap counter and heart rate counter.

Other top brands include Casio and Garmin. Women can now choose judiciously from this wide range of brands and types of athletic watches.

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