Choosing a watch for yourself as a man can be very difficult most of the time. More so if a woman is choosing a mens watch. There is so much variety but only a handful can be picked at the end of the day. First, before choosing a mens sports watch, the activity of the person should be considered. You should look at the activity as it relates to functionality. That said, any man would want to own a watch which makes a strong fashion statement but fits their needs as it relates to their daily activities.


  • Calorie Counting
    Have you ever considered buying a sports watch that tracks calories? This is something you should consider purchasing. When you own a calorie counting watch, your health will benefit in many different ways. For starters, it can benefit your overall health because you will know when to stop consuming calories. If you consume too many calories on a daily basis, and most of those calories are from unhealthy foods, then you are putting your health at risk for numerous conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and a wide range of other health problems relating to being over or underweight. Also, you will be able to lose weight much easier when you have a watch that can count calories. You can do all the exercising in the world, but if you are consuming too many calories, then you will have a very hard time losing weight. There are many sports watches that keep track of the calories you take in, as well as ones that monitor your heart. Owning calorie counting watches will get you started in a living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Casual
    Men Casual Watches come in different colors, most popularly with a black dial. The strap of the watch is made up of the material, metal. The resistivity against water is about 100m for this type of casual wear watches. The 10 ATM feature of the watch helps build the water resistance in this robust built watch. It has an amazing built, the stainless steel framework of the watch along with an ion-casing, known for its longevity, makes it a good buy. The accuracy of these watches could be in the range of twenty seconds per month. The watch has a good battery backup, with a battery life of three years.
  • Cycling
    Men Cycling Watches are watches designed for assistance in sport activities, like those that measure distance covered, and calories burnt. These are inept with quartz movement and a digital display for customer assistance. It features resistance against water that is up to hundred meters, contains daily alarms with a snooze time of five minutes and a count-down timer. The dial is specially built for protection against mechanical injury, by providing a dial window of acrylic crystal. Some of the casual watches may contain military features like a reverse LCD, or a Red EL back light. Some may also have resistance against shock and mud. Some may also contain a backlight with afterglow, for assistance of vision during the dark.
  • Fishing and Hunting
    Men fishing and hunting watches are those specially meant to be used during multipurpose activities like fishing and hunting. These watches are designed in a way that are enabled to put five different alarms that will ring in accordance to the changing tides dependent on moon. This can help learn about the most appropriate time to go to the woods or the lake, as the watch comes with a digital analogue signal facilitating that. For the purpose of carrying out the activities in appropriate light, there is an automatic luminescent backlight that solves the problem. The resistivity against water is in the range of hundred meters for this watch category. The stop watch of this has an accuracy of 0.001 seconds.
  • Golfing
    Your choice for the best sports watches for golfing enthusiast and keen golfers will probably be any watch that comes with standard features such as time, date, and GPS. Golfing can be a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon, but you need a reliable and attractive sports watch to help you keep a track on the time. You will also want a stylish sports watch to put you one step above your golfing companions, so take your time searching from the wide array of best sports watches for golfing enthusiast: there are some great watches on offer, so you will be spoilt for choice!
  • Hiking
    Hiking sports watches can be a crucial navigational and safety tool in the wilderness. Many watch companies include several features in their hiking watches such as a compass, altimeter and barometer. It includes these features while serving as a multifunctional device to enhance your experience. Also, it is use for other task such as track where you are going,determine your speed, distance and altitude. This type of gadget is an outdoor sports watch and basic GPS component rolled into one device. When you arrive home,you can connect it to your computer to download and share your route information. Some watches provide Google Earth information where you can get satellite imagery as well as various routes and waypoint information.
  • Military
    Military watches could come in a sleek and slender model to make it easier for wear without any such hindrance. It is a GPS-enabled watch that is really good with multi-tasking sports such as running, biking, swimming. It is also very good with measurement of movements such as the amount of distance covered, the calories burnt and the number of steps taken. It has a high-resolution display system that never fails to review the details of a workout. One can easily keep a track of all the calls and messages on one's watch by connecting to the smartphone. The water resistivity of the watch is about 50 odd meters. Military and tactical watches also have an amazing battery backup system of about 24 hours during the training mode and up to 4 months longevity in the watch mode. These watches could come in many dandy and attractive colours. All these watches generally come in a black dial. The strap of the watch is made of a good material that is metal. This gives it a very stylish look. The build up of the watch is good too. It has an alert system as well which could warn them of the incoming trouble. The product is made up of stainless steel assuring its longevity and making it a good buy for its consumers. It has an intelligent automation feature which makes way for the auto recognition course along with an auto hole and auto distance update feature as well.
  • Running
    Men running watches can come in a sleek model that makes it comfortable for wear and easier to work without any restriction. It is a GPS enabled watch that can help you perform multisport activity, like running, swimming, biking. It is useful for measurement of factors like distance covered, steps taken and calories burnt. The display is in high resolution that makes it easier to view the details of the workout. It also enables you to keep a track of your calls, and messages on your watch, by means of connectivity through the smart phone. The water resistivity of the watch is up to fifty meters. It has a battery backup of 24 hours in the training mode and up to 4 months in watch mode.
  • Sailing
    Men sailing watches are specially enabled with features that helps one to carry out sailing without much any difficulty. The watch is enabled with a digital analogue display that makes it high performance. It features a date window that helps to keep a track of the days in the calendar. It comes in a decorate case, and contains the strap and the dial inside. The strap is composed of a three link bracelet, and has a logo on its dial. It is made of the material, Swiss quartz. It has a Krysterna crystal dial window that protects the watch against any mechanical injury. It has water resistance of around 660 feet.
  • Skiing
    Men skiing watch is one that is enabled with all outdoor capabilities and has some amazing features that you need for adventure. It consists of a time piece that reads time, and a chronograph that is meant for setting alarms and countdown timer. It has a compass to give the direction north and tell the direction during the course of adventure. It requires an altimeter to measure altitude and a barometer to measure pressure of a given area. It comprises of analogue signals that gives the perfect display. It has solar power that needs no battery or battery life. The water resistance of this product is around 200 meters.
  • Swimming
    Men swimming watch includes a timer for keeping a count on the number of laps, and distance covered. The back light present on top of the watch helps in movement around the lap of the swimmer. The watch is placed in a resin case with high durability and a high performance digital display. It contains a comfortable strap of textile nature that is wide enough to enhance performance abilities. The resistivity of these watches is around the range of hundred meters. It also contains an auto LED light that helps in viewing the time. It also contains evaluation for pace measured in signals.
  • Workout
    Men workout watches is specialized to look after one’s fitness. It has features enabled that gives high performance, whether you’re in the middle of a river or a huge forest, it helps you to keep the adrenaline rush high for the adventure! The watch comes with the user important information related to the tides for 230 different beaches. It notifies you every time you complete a mile. It can be used to go back to the starting point, during a workout, by using reverse GPS. It is comfortable to wear as it comes with a small easy wrist band and this will take care of everything while one completely concentrates on the fitness regime.
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