Heart Monitors

  • Omron
    Omron Heart Rate Monitor is easy to program and use. The product comes with a comfortable soft strap that monitors the heart rate through the digital sensors enabled with the device. It consists of a high or low heart rate alarm that helps in maintaining the optimal heartbeat. It also comprises of a backlight display, and gives the time of display and has a daily reminder alarm that makes it very useful to the user. It contains a chest transmitter belt that can be very effective for sending data to the receiver at a distance of up to thirty meters.
  • Lifetrak
    Lifetrak Heart Rate Monitors is a good choice among users who want to stay fit and healthy. The device as the name suggests, monitors your heart beat while you exercise. It calculates the burnt calories, the number of steps taken, and the distance traveled. You can also use this with your Smartphone to sync data to any fitness app that would be of purpose to you. It can intelligently understand and track down the patterns of movement, whether it is running, jogging or anything else. This is resistant against water and mechanical shocks due to its strong built. It requires no charging.
  • Magellan
    Magellan Heart Rate Monitor is purposeful for those who believe in staying healthy and fit, as this device is extremely helpful in keeping track of the heart rate through its sensors, and monitoring the burnt calories statistics. This comes in a comfortable fabric strap that makes it so easy to wear and a popular choice among the users. The strap is adjustable in nature too. Its features are compatible with Switch series. Another interesting feature about this is its digitally coded signal that is so technologically upgraded that it is useful for doing away with any kind of cross reference at different clubs and other crowded places.
  • MIO
    MIO Heart Rate Monitor is an amazing product that has upgraded hi tech features that makes it so much more different from the other heart rate monitors. It can be simply worn on the wrist without the requirement of a chest belt or a finger pad for recording the pulses. It has sensors that will normally record your pulses from the wrist without the need for conservative norms. The heart monitor is hi tech, and useful for continuously noting downs the physical workouts of any type. It is an electro cardiograph that is accurate for running up to high speeds of 20km per hour.
  • Garmin
    Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is an amazing device that helps you monitor your heart rate and could be useful in notifying a person about their health statistics. The product can be used to monitor the details like the heart rate, keeps a tract of time, and the amount of calories burnt during the time of exercise. It consists of a foot pod that can be useful for calculation of speed and distance and this pod’s usage is optional. It has a feature called the Garmin connect which is used for planning, and reviewing of activities. The optional sensor helps in tracking the statistics of cycling.
  • Pyle
    Pyle Heart Rate Monitor is useful for measurement of the heart rate during any kind of physical strain, whether you run, jog or walk. It records useful exercise statistics that helps in learning more about one’s body and stay fit. It comes with a user-friendly feature of a Led backlight that makes it useful with the requirement of sufficient amount of light. It features a stop watch useful for keeping a track of the exercise. It comes with a strap that has digitally enabled sensors that makes it easier to monitor the heart rate, and keep a record of the other statistics like steps taken, distance travelled, etc.
  • Skecher
    Skechers Heart Rate Monitor is built on the basis of quick touch technology. It comes without a strap, without the requirement for a chest strap. It contains a hundred hour stop watch, an alarm, a calendar, and a twenty four hour countdown timer. It has a large LCD that is useful for easy display of the user. The display comes with high resolution and contrast that makes it very apt for usage in the dark or the night. It features a backlight too. It is resistance against water or any sort of scratches that makes it a very hardy product.
  • Strapless Heart Rate Monitors
    A great way to stay healthy is by doing regular exercises on a daily basis, but even while doing this it is important to do it correctly and being sensitive when using the program. A strapless heart monitor is a monitoring device that requires the user placing his finger to retrieve heart rate and this monitors measure heart rate in two different ways. The initial way is by picking up electric signals that are produced from the heart as it produces the beats and the heart rate is determined. The other way is through the measurement of the heart rate through the pulse. Strapless heart rate monitors function just like ECG's and are quite effective in the determination of heart rate at specific points. For people who exercise at a steady intensity level they are the best individuals to use this gadget as you can easily keep check the monitor to be sure you are working out within safe limits. The strapless monitors are becoming more popular these days due to the benefits that accompany them, which include access to vital training information, and the convenience that it offers.
  • TomTom
    Tomtom Heart Rate Monitor is a good hi tech product with amazing features. It contains an extra-large display that helps you view your pace and run time at a single glance with high resolution and contrast. It has an ultra slim design and is very light weighted. It is compatible in multiple platforms, that is, it can analyse and sync the statistics of your performance on your apps. It has a super tough display that makes it scratch resistant, and is water resistant too. It does both outdoor and indoor tracking whether you are walking on the road or running on a treadmill.
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